Recently discovered the Misery Bear short series of films, which are online only via the BBC. There was an interview with the bear himself in Transmitter magazine (a local mag distributed in Crystal Palace and further afield). We checked out the clips and it’s a great little series following the adventures, and unlucky life, of a rather miserable little bear. Great way to waste away 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon as each clip is only 2-3 minutes.

This one is about the bear going to work and having a thoroughly shit day. Very amusing, complete with moody Interpol as well.

Recently watched: Scotland’s gold mine and the power of National Parks in Britain

Watched a really interesting documentary on Sunday night. It followed the planning process (keep with me) in a small Scottish village, Tyndrum, where in the 1970s a farmer discovered there was “gold in them there hills”. They built a gold mine but with the collapse of gold prices in the 80s it was left to rot.

However, recently the price of gold has soared and an Australian company came a calling and wanted to open up for business. However, since those days in the 70s/80s, the village is now in a National Park and governed by the National Park Authority.

The documentary follows the battle between the village, which is 99% in favour of the village and the National Park staff who at first don’t want the mine. It shows the politics, the feuds and the tensions that creating a National Park can put upon an area.

Having sat in many a planning committee it was funny watching it on the small screen and thinking how something that seems so boring from the outside is actually one of the few things we have left that really stirs the blood on the local level and can bring out the best and worst in all of us.

So if you have an hour spare, stick Tales from a National Park on and enjoy.

Fireworks at Brockwell Park

Really impressive firework display at Brockwell Park last night for Bonfire Night. Well done Lambeth council, you might be facing massive budget cuts but you didn’t let it stop the fireworks fun. Great atmosphere and we even spotted Pixie Geldof in the crowd, she was behind us in the queue for drinks as well.

Here’s some photos and a short video from the display:

and here’s the photos

Quick meeting with our web development team this morning and Tero, from Finland, has pinned this to the wall. It made me chuckle as it shows how they are trying to understand what us Brits actually mean.

Quick meeting with our web development team this morning and Tero, from Finland, has pinned this to the wall. It made me chuckle as it shows how they are trying to understand what us Brits actually mean.

Ryan Adams seems to be getting himself back on form, Lucky Now is a great track. He performed it on Later with Jools Holland last night. Thumbs up.

Incredible Ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator on Gadget Show

Friend of mine sent me this to watch, it’s a phenomenal challenge The Gadget Show took on and achieved to build this immersive gaming experience. It’s well worth a watch:

Here’s some details from the show:

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Recently watched: Holy Flying Circus

Really enjoyed this BBC Four docucomedy on the Monty Python’s release of Life of Brian. Really well cast, great make up and effects. Really enjoyable. Well worth a watch if you’ve got a spare hour and a half.

Really simple and nice idea from The Vaccines for creating a photo montage to go with their track Wetsuit from festivals this summer.

Heard this on the radio tonight, awesome track. To be fair 1996 was a pretty good year, I still remember Euro 96…

Bloated Britain: Why won’t they just retire?

Warning: A bit of a rant is contained below…

The depressing news coming out of the Office of National Stats was not surprising today. Yet again we were faced with headlines about how unemployment in Britain is on the rise, and in particular how youth unemployment is nearing the 1 million mark.

This is a symbolic figure. It would mean nearly a quarter of all 16-24-year-olds were not in work and could form a “lost generation” according to commentators. But why has this been allowed to happen? There’s only one place to point the blame for me and that’s the older generations.

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